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Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer's Last Days

I had such a good weekend! I received a letter from Summer's pediatrician re: Brigita to hopefully help medically expedite the powers that be in regards to our paperwork for her adoption. She did a beautiful job on the letter. I'm not sure if it will help or not. Luckily, Brigita is not in a bad place and is not really bad off. However, she is malnurished, dehydrated, and needs to start seeing some doctors ASAP! The agency is still reviewing the homestudy so it has not yet been finalized. I've asked a church if we can use their parking lot for a carwash/hot dog sale. Waiting to hear back. I think that is it on the adoption front.

Friday night I had my usual girl's night with my friend, Paige. We had a good time of knitting/crocheting, listening to 80s music, and gossiping. The simple pleasures in life. I love low-key, relaxing time spent with good people! Saturday another friend came over with her dog and all 3 of the dogs had a wonderful time. Rigby got put in "time out" and then leashed for chasing my poor cat, Smut, down the road. The other 2 started to take off as well (they didn't even see the cat, they just knew something fun was going on). However, they obeyed when called back eventually. My brother-in-law and sister came over to work on my deck. He started it in November but due to sickness, birthdays, holidays, rain, etc it is still being completed. It is so beautiful. He came back over Sunday to work some more. I have to share...

I'm not sure if the picture is showing or not thanks to this stupid computer. If not, I'll try to repost it again later. My sister brought their kids over Saturday and then my brother, his wife, and kids also came by for a little bit. I had all 6 nieces and nephews at my house!! It was great. I haven't had that much company in months. The baby, Braden, went in my cabinets, pulled out a can of corn, and brought it to me. He's 18 months old. Guess the boy knows what he wants and when he wants to eat. Saturday night I grilled steaks with potatoes and broccoli for me, my sis, and her husband. Kids had already eaten. Then Sunday, I had church, spent a little bit of time with the dogs, grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob, and sat on the deck and read until Summer was brought home. She got home late, around 7:30-8pm. When her relatives were walking away, she started to cry a bit. It made me feel good that she wanted to be with them. Its been kinda surreal having her back home. We snuggled for a bit in the bed until she fell asleep and then I put her in her crib. She seems a bit confused but not unhappy. She has smiled at me but keeps looking around. I kept help but worry that this is more confusing than helpful. Its so hard to know. Its hard on me. At first I was glad she was coming home and am still excited to see her. But this means I have to go through the letting go process again. I had 9 days to get used to not being her mom. Now I don't really feel like her mom. I also feel like I'm holding back a little because I know I won't have her long and I want her to want to go with her relatives. It also sucks that I can't just be at home with her these days but I have to work. Fostering is hard. Its worth it and I feel so blessed to have had this time with her. But it is hard. I want her to be healthy, happy, and well-adjusted. I keep worrying about Reactive Attachment Disorder in her future. That despite all the efforts, she has had too many changes and losses in her little life so far. Please pray that she will be okay. She is such a wonderful munchkin.

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