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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Could Andrew be your son? Watch the video link

He is so sweet!
Just ONE More 4 Us?!: Where is his hero?: As you watch the video below think about who is your hero. Think about every boy that loves Spiderman and why. Andrew has no idea who Spid...

Boy, Born May 2007
Oh Andrew…..Andrew was born with cataracts in both eyes.  He is completely blind, and has little opportunity to try to manage his surroundings and learn anything but darkness and loneliness in his current environment.  He most likely has other cognitive and physical delays, but what a difference a loving family will make for him!!
From a family who met Andrew in January 2012:
From what I saw, Andrew is a very smart little boy who is very much in need of a family to rescue him from orphanage life. There was one nanny who really liked Andrew, and she would actually let him out of his crib to walk around the room (very rare for this to happen in this room). He navigated the room very well, was very stable in walking, and very confident in his abilities. There was one time that Andrew was in the big play crib, and when I walked near the crib, he felt my presence (or perhaps he could see me), and he walked around the edge of the crib until he got to me. I patted him and he smiled from ear to ear. I had to stop touching him because the nannies on duty that day didn’t want me near the children, and when I walked away, he just cried and cried. It broke my heart. He’s a precious little boy in desperate need of rescue.


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