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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angelina 3G

Teamwork Tuesday!

Angelina 3G

DOB: March 2008

Oh My! What a Beauty!

I'm not sure how old this picture is but Angelina is now 4 years old.

What a blessing to have a baby picture of her as well!

It makes me sad to see the dark circles under her eyes in the first picture and the thin, wispy hair. Both are likely due to malnutrition.

She does have a heart condition and needs to see a cardiologist! But without a family this may never happen. Most of these conditions are easily treatable and some fixable.

This region has so many benefits: no family size restriction,
married couples and single moms, and Candians welcome!!

She has $4790.50 available to h ear adoption through Reece's Rainbow!

What a fantastic start!

Please look at Angelina again. Look at those beautiful, dark eyes, the longing for love and affection. Those cheeks just waiting to be smooched. Arms wrapped around your neck so tight. Squishy, meltable hugs. Laughter as you tickle her. Smiles bigger than you could imagine. That is Angelina 3G!

Could she be your daughter?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday

I did one Teamwork Tuesday Blog before and then kept forgetting.

But there are so many beautiful children that need homes, 
and so many wonderful homes that need/want children,
that I wanted to really give it a good try!

So, without further delay....



This sweet little girl is actually 11 years old!

She has down syndrome and is obviously very small.

But, Heather has no medical issues!

Please consider Heather, either to adopt or donate and help her grant grow!

Monday, July 16, 2012

What's going on??

Sorry for the lack of posting but there hadn't seemed like a lot going on but then suddenly I felt like there was a lot going on and I hadn't realized. As stated before, my dossier was sent and is most likely in Brigita's country now. It will take approximately 4 weeks to translate and then I should get a travel date! Basically, right now its just a waiting game...

...but as we wait, we are still fundraising! Christina Scott hosted another auction that ended on Saturday. There were many donations and participants that placed bids! I'm so excited to report that awesome success!! Have you seen the number on the FSP changing?? Its not going to stop for a bit b/c we raised $668!! I'm so excited and so grateful for everyone that participated in any way, shape, or form!

Madeline Monroe has also put together an Event in Wisconsin with the help of her church to raise money. There will be games, a spaghetti dinner, a silent auction, and lots more! The event will held on July 22, 2012 @ 12:00pm @ St. James Episcopal Church, 434 North 8th Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220.  If you or someone you know is/are near the area, please stop by! Madeline's mom and aunt have met sweet Brigita! In addition, her aunt adopted a beautiful little boy from the same institution. They will be there and other Reece's Rainbow families/advocates may also be able to attend. This is a good opportunity to get more information about international adoption, special needs adoption, Down syndrome, the orphan situation, Reece's Rainbow, etc.

I will be hosting a Flapjack Fundraiser (otherwise known as Pancakes) at the Applebee's in Smithfield, NC (1260 Brightleaf Blvd, Smithfield, NC 27577) on August 18, 2012 from 8am-10am. I'm very excited about this event b/c it sounds like a lot of fun! Myself, some family members, and friends will be working as servers, hosts, and table busters. Applebee's opens early and provides the kitchen staff (thankfully!). Tickets are $7 per person. There's a chance I could have travel dates by that time. I'll give you a hint before that time if I have them but will not share until the Flapjack Fundraiser...so if you want to be one of the first to know, you'll have to come out for Pancakes to find out!! (extortion?? bribery?? maybe...).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

En Route!

Dossier is en route!!

This means my adoption packet (which includes the application, home study, financial statment, references, etc)
is heading to Brigita's country!

After it is received, it will have to be translated. This will take about a month.

Then I will have a travel date!

Also, at this point, everything is mostly out of my hands (until the next I800 form needed)

I will need approximately $3000 for the first trip. This will include lodging for 10-14 days or so, food, travel within country, some court fees. I have a wonderful friend that will be traveling with me during this first trip.

During the first trip, I will have to travel about 4 hours away to get Brigita and then bring her back to the capital. She will get to live with me for 10-14 days. We will be visited by a social worker during our time to assess how things are going and the fit of the adoption placement. We will have court when I pick her up to give me guardianship while I'm there and then court at the end if the referral is accepted. After our time together, I will travel to return her to the institution (don't remind me how hard this will be on both of us, but especially Brigita as she experiences so many changes during these days). Then I will come home and wait until I can return for the 2nd trip/official court date.