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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angelina 3G

Teamwork Tuesday!

Angelina 3G

DOB: March 2008

Oh My! What a Beauty!

I'm not sure how old this picture is but Angelina is now 4 years old.

What a blessing to have a baby picture of her as well!

It makes me sad to see the dark circles under her eyes in the first picture and the thin, wispy hair. Both are likely due to malnutrition.

She does have a heart condition and needs to see a cardiologist! But without a family this may never happen. Most of these conditions are easily treatable and some fixable.

This region has so many benefits: no family size restriction,
married couples and single moms, and Candians welcome!!

She has $4790.50 available to h ear adoption through Reece's Rainbow!

What a fantastic start!

Please look at Angelina again. Look at those beautiful, dark eyes, the longing for love and affection. Those cheeks just waiting to be smooched. Arms wrapped around your neck so tight. Squishy, meltable hugs. Laughter as you tickle her. Smiles bigger than you could imagine. That is Angelina 3G!

Could she be your daughter?

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