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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boy am I behind!

This post was written back in Sept. but I couldn't get it to post then. So, I decided instead of deleting it and/or adding onto it, I would just post this one as is. I'll try to do some updating soon. Darya has definitely had her ups and downs and we ended up with about 3 really bad weeks after school got started. But she has leveled off some for the time being. I had wanted to post when we were having some of the really bad days, so I could hopefully more accurately indicate what the really bad times look like. But, alas, there has been no time. I will say, no matter the bad times, I have never regretted adopting Darya, have never even considered this a mistake, etc. Darya is my daughter and I am her mother and I am so very blessed!

I'm really bad at this blogging thing...and don't have time. I don't have internet at home any more so I also have to look for time and places to access. But enough excuses, let's get on with the update.

Darya is doing well but still struggles with some behaviors, engaging, and not zoning out so much. She is trying to communicate more and more (signs, gestures, noises) and seems to understand more and more. I can tell her to get her milk out of the refridgerator and she will go straight there and get it. The biggest issues we have are pinching, biting, pushing, and hitting. These are still daily, consistent issues. I'm so tired of redirecting, telling her no, and trying to curb the behavior. Most of the time its not hard. Its more of the point that she is doing this. Darya will also pinch herself when she is stressed and sometimes when there doesn't seem to be an issue. She especially pinches her stomach and thighs. She also mimics or plays out being grabbed, slapped, popped in the mouth, bitten, and spanks herself all the time. She will hit herself on the bottom of her feet, calves, inner thighs, and even genital area sometimes. This is how Darya plays with dolls and stuffed animals too (on the rare occassions she acknowledges their existence).

Darya is now a kindergartner!

First day of school! She liked the book bag

She rides the bus to and from school! Big girl!

Darya is in a self-contained classroom for k-2. Darya would not be able to learn in an inclusive setting right now as she requires too much engagement and is easily distracted and overwhelmed. Even in the self-contained setting, we are trying to get her a one on one. She seems to like school and even lets them make her do crafts or color sometimes (Darya is so resistant to anything like this). She does good about peeing in the potty but is still no where close to being bladder or potty trained. But we're working on it. Initially I'm not sure she even realized when she was peeing or not.

August 31, 2013: Happy Metcha Day!