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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Down syndrome clinic

We had our first appointment at the Down syndrome clinic last week. It didn't start off like a good day. The drove from our home takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. At an hour and a half, we were still an hour away. It was raining and therefore there were wrecks. There was one wreck that really put us behind. I called the numbers provided to the people to schedule appointments as that was the only numbers in the packet of information. Now our appointment was with the neuro-developmentalist. But it was with the Ds clinic. I had to leave a message on the first voice mail. A lady answered the other number and wanted to know where I got their number in relation to Dr. _____. Except she said it really snotty like "and you got this number from where?" I told her it was in the packet of information they sent me for this appointment. So someone called me back a little later and said the doctor said to come on but we would have to wait to be fitted in. So we trecked on. For about 45 minutes we were traveling 20-25 mph on the interstate. By this time, we had met commuter morning traffic. We were stop and go and 25 mph. If any of you have ever ridden with me, you would understand how horrible this was to me. We finally arrived an hour after our appointment and had to wait 1 hour and 45 minutes to be squeezed in. But a foster parent and a licensing worker/foster care worker were at the hospital for another clinic. Its always good to see faces you know. I saw several cuties sporting the extra chromosomes come in and out. They all walked in waving like they knew everyone was expecting them. But another thing I noticed was a common phrase from all the parents...."gentle." Apparently hitting is not just an institutionalized thing but a Ds thing. I spoke with one mom about this and she said yes. Also, Brigita was not the only runner. Several of us had to take off after our little ones. After one doctor examined Brigita and talked with me a bunch, she and the doctor we were there to see consulted and then met with me and Brigita. They said that although Brigita has many autistic behaviors, she is definitely not autistic. They said she needs speech therapy (which I knew) and some behavior modification (which we're working on). Follow ups with the specialists we have already been seeing and school assistance and therapies. He said Brigita's GI is one of the bests! And he said that we are doing everything right and that she is doing fantastic. She has good muscle tone and this is getting better as she becomes more active. So, unless there is a problem, we do not come back for a year. Oh, the doctors were also impressed with how much she vocalizes. I guess I hadn't really thought about that too much, but Brigita does make a lot of noises and sounds. This weekend I think she started talking back to me LOL! I wouldn't let her do something so she stormed off down the hall, making a noise while throwing her arm up in the air and stomping one foot. She did it again this morning when she didn't get her way. I suppose I shouldn't think its cute but it was cute. She is also dancing more and more. She likes ballet. Still waiting to get a court date but also planning her BIRTHDAY PARTY!! February 5th, Brigita will be 8 years old!! I'm so excited. I had a celebration for her last year and prayed that would be her last birthday in her institution. Although her adoption is not finalized, God still granted my wish! I am so thankful and love this little girl more than words can express.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I800 received!

That's right!! I received my provisional I800 approval. Now we wait for the paperwork to be wired to the Embassy and them to issue the Article 5. After that I should have a court date!! I can't wait. Though that means not having Brigita with me for a few days :( She's been with me every day since September (aside from when I'm working). I am not looking forward to being away from her but it will only be for a few days.

Brigita is doing okay. She has had yet another ear infection. Whenever she gets sick, her behaviors regress!! She has been so oppositional and naughty for at least a week now! She hits herself on the side of her head more, bites herself, bites other more than usual, and tests EVERYTHING! She LOVES negative attention! I find myself sometimes caught in a cycle with her and I finally have to just walk off and ignore the behavior to get it to stop. It didn't help that I had to work 12-9pm last week so our schedule was way off. We went back to the ENT and the Dr. said she wishes she had put tubes in while they were doing the surgery. We are going to try an allergy nasal spray for a month. If she gets another ear infection in that month, then we're going to go back to surgery and put tubes in this time.

Brigita is growing so much! She grown a few inches and gained about 7 lbs since Sept. And she's basically grown a whole shoe size. Her cute little feet are getting bigger. Her hair is getting longer and she is actually noticing things! Yesterday, she noticed clouds! It was so cute. She kept trying to lay on the ground and look up but the sun was too bright. She has started wanting to swing in the big girl swings more. Though it gives mama about 50 heart attacks, I let her do it and constantly tell her to hold on and put her hands back on the chain. Mostly she does well. Physically, she is more coordinated and stronger. It is so neat watching her develop. We still have problems with her not knowing how to play or showing interest in playing at times.

Okay, so here's a few pics...

Brigita gets her hat and puts it on when she wants to go outside to the swing set. She actually sat still and let me take a few pictures. She even looked at the camera. Usually, she does everything in her power to avoid it.
This is how she first started playing on the big girl swing

Unfortunately she put the swing too low on her tummy and rolled right over
Enjoying unusually warm temperatures of 73 degrees! See how long her hair is! We did pig tails (My fav!!)

On the big girl swing! I have two swings, one put as low as possible and the other a little higher. She prefers the higher one. My dare-devil.

But the baby swing is still the best :)