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Monday, February 27, 2012

Auction and ChipIn

The Auction has ended with great results!!! I cannot thank everyone who was involved enough. We raised $304.88 from this auction! That's fantastic! You can send your payment two different ways. First, you can use your paypal account to make a payment to the chipin on the right. This is not tax deductible but this money is available to me whenever I need it. The other way is to go to our FSP (see link on left) and submit your payment there. This is tax deductible but this money will not be available to me for immediate use. I will get this money once I travel (I can hardly wait)! Either way is fine with me. Whichever is best or more convenient for you.

You (or your loved ones) can make donations to our FSP or ChipIn at any time to help with the adoption. I am still waiting to get the draft of my home study before I can move on to the next stage. But, as you can tell by the Chipin, the next stage is sending the Dossier!! Actually, that's incorrect. The next stage is the USCIS. I forgot about that. But I have the money to send that off as soon as my home study is complete. Once I get the USCIS approval and fingerprints done, I can send off my dossier. I do not think there will be a lot of stuff I have to gather besides what I already have. I have started the online education material so that will be completed as soon as I can.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick Update

There is not a lot to report this week. Summer is still with me and still beautifully cute...though she's gone back to waking up to eat during the night. We had nearly a week of sleeping from 9ish to 4ish. That was nice but short lived. She is growing so much though. She is much more interactive with other people. She would smile at me before but not as much with others. Now she smiles at me much more, such as when I'm cleaning diaper explosion that occurred 15 minutes before we were leaving for work. It was all over her, her clothes, my sheets and mattress pad, and then her sheets b/c I had to put her somewhere to clean her up. Who can be mad when she's smiling ear to ear, the little manipulator). But she will also smile at other people now. She loves to be snuggled and will burrow her head into you. Melts my heart. I am going to miss her something awful!

I'm still waiting on the home study draft to be turned over. Did you see the FSP? Its now at $170! YAY and thank you!!! My adoption agency has opened access to the education material, so I've started some of that when I get the chance. Its really good information. Some I've noted for professional use. I also have been able to see what is required in the dossier but there's nothing I need to work on right now. I can't send my USCIS until after my home study is complete b/c Brigita is in a Hague Country. So, once my home study is completed, I will complete the I800 and send it off (with about $800+). Then I have to wait to get a fingerprint date and get that returned. While I'm waiting for it to return, I'll focus on the dossier. I'm hoping to finish the education this weekend. I have also found a couple of grants I want to apply for but can't until I get the home study completed. I've gotten my tax returns back plus saved some other money. I should have the funds needed to send the dossier once the I800 comes back. I can't wait! I need to see Brigita and hold her! I need her home!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saving One Child At A Time: Auction-Black, White and Pink Summer Dress

Saving One Child At A Time: Auction-Black, White and Pink Summer Dress: 24M New with tag summer dress with matching diaper cover/bloomers Donated by: Lisa Fried Rowland Starting Bid: $5.00 Increments:  $1.00...

Saving One Child At A Time: Yellow Ladybug Romper

Saving One Child At A Time: Yellow Ladybug Romper:  Size 18 month girls yellow ladybug romper complete with lace detailed pantaloons.  Never been worn, hand made. Starting bid:  $5.00 Incre...

Saving One Child At A Time: Mobius or Infinity Wrap. (Blue multi color)

Saving One Child At A Time: Mobius or Infinity Wrap. (Blue multi color): Three pictures of the same Mobius or Infinity Wrap. Its one piece. Very warm. Can be used as a wrap with hood. Blue multi color. Donated b...

Saving One Child At A Time: A beaded fish tea light lantern that hangs

Saving One Child At A Time: A beaded fish tea light lantern that hangs: A beaded fish tea light lantern that hangs Donated by: Dee Etheridge Starting Bid: $5.00 Increments:  $1.00

Saving One Child At A Time: Crocheted Lavender Blanket

Saving One Child At A Time: Crocheted Lavender Blanket: 3 pics of same blanket. Crocheted. Big and warm. Lavendar. Donated by:  Dee Etheridge Starting bid:  $15.00 Increments: $1.00

Saving One Child At A Time: Handmade Musical Note Earrings

Saving One Child At A Time: Handmade Musical Note Earrings: Handmade Musical Note Earrings Donated by:  Dee Etheridge Starting bid:   $5.00 Increments:    $1.00

Saving One Child At A Time: An unopened set of Beatles coasters

Saving One Child At A Time: An unopened set of Beatles coasters: An unopened set of Beatles coasters.  (These opened ones are owned by the donater. Picture used to show designs) Donated by: Dee Etherid...

Saving One Child At A Time: A decorative wine bottle with christmas lights ins...

Saving One Child At A Time: A decorative wine bottle with christmas lights ins...: A decorative wine bottle with christmas lights inside. Donated by: Dee Etheridge Starting Bid:  $10.00 Increments:   $1.00

Saving One Child At A Time: Baby picture desk frame with foot mold.

Saving One Child At A Time: Baby picture desk frame with foot mold.: Baby picture desk frame with foot mold. Donated by:  Dee Etheridge Starting Bid:  $10.00 Increments:    $1.00

Saving One Child At A Time: Princess Lovie

Saving One Child At A Time: Princess Lovie: Princess Lovie Donated by:  www.facebook.com/craftykellis Starting bid:  $6.00 Incrementss: $1.00 Value:          $13....

Saving One Child At A Time: Auction-Cricut Cartridge

Saving One Child At A Time: Auction-Cricut Cartridge: Cricut Cartridge Donated by:  Alexandra Heerlein Rupnow Includes # 1 keypad overlay # 1 instructional handbook # 1 ...

Saving One Child At A Time: Auction-Leap Frog Tag Junior Book Reader

Saving One Child At A Time: Auction-Leap Frog Tag Junior Book Reader: Leap Frog Tag Junior Book Reader Donated by: Elizabeth Cole Starting bid: $15.00 Increments:    $1.00   Value $35.00

Saving One Child At A Time: Boys gift set

Saving One Child At A Time: Boys gift set:  Boys gift set-6 padded hangers, bib, hat, mittens, and booties. Donated by: Christina Ruegamer Schye Starting Bid: $7.00 Increments:  $...

Saving One Child At A Time: Saving Brigita---AUCTION!!!!!!

Saving One Child At A Time: Saving Brigita---AUCTION!!!!!!: In a previous post, I told you I found a little girl who had my heart.  I thought I was supposed to adopt her.  Turns out, I wasn't.  This c...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heavy Heart

This weekend has been filled with bits of a heavy heart and saddness. I know my time with Summer is drawing shorter and shorter. I am so sadden by this. I love her so much and would love to see her grow up. I was in the pharmacy the other day and there was a little boy about 2yo with a head full of beautiful hair like Summer's. All I could think about was that I would not get to see what she looks like as a toddler, preschooler, etc. I am glad she is going to be with her family and I am grateful that I have had this time with her. But it is very hard. Summer likes to be sung to and a song that always reminded me of her b/c of the name (I tell her she's my Summer Sunshine)is "You are my Sunshine." Last night I was singing this to her and one of the verses says "the other night, dear, while I lay sleeping, I dreamed I held you in my arms. When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken, and I hung my head and I cried." I couldn't sing it last night without crying and I am sitting here crying now. One day soon she will not be in my arms and I will never get to hold her again. Not only am I sad for me but I am sad for her. I can't stop thinking about what she will think. Will she think I abandoned her? That I didn't want her? I know she knows me and loves me. I know she recognizes me as momma and different from other people. I know she is glad to see me and hear my voice. Will she wonder where I have gone and why? Part of me wishes it would just happen already so I can go ahead and move one. The other part of course is grateful that I had more time with her. But its gonna be hard for both of us whenever the time comes.

Grieving for Summer makes me want to see my Brigita soon. I am anxious to meet her, spend time with her, and bring her home. I guess the high of seeing her on the video has crashed and I'm back in the surreal world of how far away she is, how much money separates us, the many months we have until I can travel, and the slowness of this part of the adoption process. I'm still waiting for my homestudy to be completed. But getting my blog button and seeing Brigita's beautiful smile helps with that some.

Also on my mind are some personal issues with loved ones. I initially wrote more about this but decided it felt too personal. I'll just say that my thoughts are consumed with this issue and my heart aches. I have seen where other adoptive families have had similar issues. I hope this is all it is, but it still saddens me.

I saw a quote on someone's blog today that resonated with me. It went something like this...

"From the outside looking in, you will never understand. From the inside looking out, you can never explain."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Auction Ends Feb. 11th!!

Christina is hosting an auction to benefit Brigita. She had actually already planned to do an auction for Brigita before she found out I was committing, etc. So, now the auction is going towards the adoption!! We have not had a lot of interest or bids yet and are coming near the end. The auction will end February 11th!

Could you please go to the link, check out the items, and bid on something. There are several home made items, leap frog stuff, jewelry, and Ipod Shuffle, and much more. We are hoping to get at least 1 bid on every item. These will make great birthday gifts for people in your life!

Also, could you please share the link with your friends, family, or coworkers, on facebook, or on your blogs?

Thanks for your help and support!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday!

Today is Brigita's 7th birthday! I am so excited for her (well, us) because this will be her last birthday as an orphan! Next year we will be having cake, ice cream, balloons, and presents together with our family and friends. She will blow out her candles and open her very own gifts. Instead of wearing the community-shared orphan clothes, she will be wearing her very own clothes. She will begin and end her birthday with special kisses from her mommy.

But this adoption is not just about her. Next year on this day, I will have a daughter who is celebrating her birthday. I will get to plan, decorate, and host a birthday party for my little girl. I will get to buy presents and invite guests. I will get to have special kisses from my little girl. I will get to buy her clothes, fix her hair, help her heal and grow. Next year February 5th will likely mean more to me than it will to her. Since it will be her first birthday in a family and perhaps the first time it has ever been celebrated, she will likely not even understand what is going on. But I will. I'm so excited about what the rest of this year will bring for us. This adoption will be a new life for both of us. I cannot wait to have my daughter home with me and to start our life as a family. I can't wait to be her mommy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Committment Page

Yay! We've made it to the New Committment Page! We would have been here soon but me in my excellent forgetfulness failed to fax off one of the most important forms. I was flipping through my notebook and happened to see where I had written down the directions so I could check them off as I completed them. Guess it would have been helpful had I actually checked it off. Makes this journey seem more real and achieveable! I'm getting closer to making this adoption a reality and couldn't be happier!

More videos/less good news

I found a couple of more videos that were newscasts about the center Lady Bug B lives in. However, these were unfortunately not that good. The first video was from October 2011 and was following the story of one child that lived in the center who was very sick. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with this child other than that. But on a plus side, this child's mother was there!

The next video was from January 5, 2012. It showed footage that was shown in the October 2011 video, so I am assuming that child's sickness was somehow related and/or they were just connecting that medical needs are there. However, I did understand enough from this video that the center is having major problems with children with pneumonia and bronchitis. It said there have been 6 children with pneumonia and 4 with bronchitis. They kept showing the hospital, so I'm assuming they are sick enough to have required hospitalization.

Please be in prayer for all those that are sick and pray for healing and comfort, pray that the others will be strengthened to withstand the sickness, and add an extra special request that Lady Bug B is okay, strong, healthy, and well!! I know she was well in December 2011, thanks to that wonderful video. But I don't know how she is now, or how she will tomorrow or the next day. Only God knows this. But also, only God can protect her, keep her strong, and move mountains to bring her home.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moderate comments

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I changed the settings on my blog to moderate the comments before they show on the post. I saw on RR's Official FB page that apparently there have been some issues in the past and just wanted to be proactive. Nothing has happened here.

Saving One Child At A Time: Saving Her-Auction Details to Benefit Brigita's Adoption!

Saving One Child At A Time: Saving Her-Auction Details: In a previous post, I told you I found a little girl who had my heart.  I thought I was supposed to adopt her.  Turns out, I wasn't.  This c...

Check out the link to see the auction items, get details on how to enter, etc. Thanks in advance to those who take the time to browse, share, donate, etc. Auction Ends Saturday, February 11, 2012 at noon.

Nook Winner!

Congratulations to Tasha McCray, winner of the Nook Giveaway. Thanks to Tasha and everyone that donated for the chance to win! I greatly appreciate your support. Thanks, Christina, for hosting the giveaway and handling everything. You're great and very appreciated as well!!

Who Knew Five Seconds Could Mean So Much!

Yesterday I was doing a google search for the city and center where my Little Ladybug lives. I found a youtube video of her center where they were having a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of renovations they had made. They of course were speaking their language, so I can't be certain of what they were saying. But it did seem they have added a school. I saw on another website that they have been doing renovations of the center since 2009 and it is expected to continue until 2013. They are really trying to make a difference in these children's lives. After finding the ribbon cutting video, I found another link where a group went to the center in December 2011 to watch a children's program and they brought diapers, stuffed animals, fruit, Advent calendars with chocolate, and who knows what else for the children. It was so good to see how the staff interacted with the children. To see the children put on their program. To see the care and love. But most importantly to me, I saw my Ladybug! I had made a comment to my office mate that it would be so neat if I could see her but I don't think I really expected to. Unfortunately it was only for about 5 seconds really quick (though you can tell who she is in other parts of the video but can't really see her). However, those 5 seconds were so wonderful and beautiful, I'm still on cloud 9. She looked so good. She looked healthy. She's tiny, of course, but I expected that. I'm hoping to be able to somehow make contact with this group to see if they have any more video with her or if they had any direct contact with her. Of course, they were not speaking english, so I'm not sure that's possible. But I'm going to try. I'm so grateful she is in a country and center that does what they can for these children. They do care about them. Now I can hardly wait to see her again. To go to her country. To visit with her. But I'm thankful God has given me (and those following) those precious 5 seconds!