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Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick Update

There is not a lot to report this week. Summer is still with me and still beautifully cute...though she's gone back to waking up to eat during the night. We had nearly a week of sleeping from 9ish to 4ish. That was nice but short lived. She is growing so much though. She is much more interactive with other people. She would smile at me before but not as much with others. Now she smiles at me much more, such as when I'm cleaning diaper explosion that occurred 15 minutes before we were leaving for work. It was all over her, her clothes, my sheets and mattress pad, and then her sheets b/c I had to put her somewhere to clean her up. Who can be mad when she's smiling ear to ear, the little manipulator). But she will also smile at other people now. She loves to be snuggled and will burrow her head into you. Melts my heart. I am going to miss her something awful!

I'm still waiting on the home study draft to be turned over. Did you see the FSP? Its now at $170! YAY and thank you!!! My adoption agency has opened access to the education material, so I've started some of that when I get the chance. Its really good information. Some I've noted for professional use. I also have been able to see what is required in the dossier but there's nothing I need to work on right now. I can't send my USCIS until after my home study is complete b/c Brigita is in a Hague Country. So, once my home study is completed, I will complete the I800 and send it off (with about $800+). Then I have to wait to get a fingerprint date and get that returned. While I'm waiting for it to return, I'll focus on the dossier. I'm hoping to finish the education this weekend. I have also found a couple of grants I want to apply for but can't until I get the home study completed. I've gotten my tax returns back plus saved some other money. I should have the funds needed to send the dossier once the I800 comes back. I can't wait! I need to see Brigita and hold her! I need her home!

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