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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who Knew Five Seconds Could Mean So Much!

Yesterday I was doing a google search for the city and center where my Little Ladybug lives. I found a youtube video of her center where they were having a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of renovations they had made. They of course were speaking their language, so I can't be certain of what they were saying. But it did seem they have added a school. I saw on another website that they have been doing renovations of the center since 2009 and it is expected to continue until 2013. They are really trying to make a difference in these children's lives. After finding the ribbon cutting video, I found another link where a group went to the center in December 2011 to watch a children's program and they brought diapers, stuffed animals, fruit, Advent calendars with chocolate, and who knows what else for the children. It was so good to see how the staff interacted with the children. To see the children put on their program. To see the care and love. But most importantly to me, I saw my Ladybug! I had made a comment to my office mate that it would be so neat if I could see her but I don't think I really expected to. Unfortunately it was only for about 5 seconds really quick (though you can tell who she is in other parts of the video but can't really see her). However, those 5 seconds were so wonderful and beautiful, I'm still on cloud 9. She looked so good. She looked healthy. She's tiny, of course, but I expected that. I'm hoping to be able to somehow make contact with this group to see if they have any more video with her or if they had any direct contact with her. Of course, they were not speaking english, so I'm not sure that's possible. But I'm going to try. I'm so grateful she is in a country and center that does what they can for these children. They do care about them. Now I can hardly wait to see her again. To go to her country. To visit with her. But I'm thankful God has given me (and those following) those precious 5 seconds!


  1. I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I just can't wait to be in a position where I can also go get my treasure!
    In the meantime I pray for you and I hope you get to see her again very soon !!

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  3. Dee,
    Pretty sure they were speaking Russian, not the other language, so it might be easier to find someone to translate and contact them. ;)

    December 2011 - imagine! All those moments we were thinking of her and praying for her, wondering how she's grown, if she's ok.....And there she was, being dressed up pretty with a bow in her hair, going to the Christmas program.....I cried and laughed at the same time! At the beginning it was so cute, poor babe couldn't see very well over the chairs in front. She was tilting her little head up to see. Wish we could see more. So much cuteness in just a tiny glimpse!