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Monday, February 27, 2012

Auction and ChipIn

The Auction has ended with great results!!! I cannot thank everyone who was involved enough. We raised $304.88 from this auction! That's fantastic! You can send your payment two different ways. First, you can use your paypal account to make a payment to the chipin on the right. This is not tax deductible but this money is available to me whenever I need it. The other way is to go to our FSP (see link on left) and submit your payment there. This is tax deductible but this money will not be available to me for immediate use. I will get this money once I travel (I can hardly wait)! Either way is fine with me. Whichever is best or more convenient for you.

You (or your loved ones) can make donations to our FSP or ChipIn at any time to help with the adoption. I am still waiting to get the draft of my home study before I can move on to the next stage. But, as you can tell by the Chipin, the next stage is sending the Dossier!! Actually, that's incorrect. The next stage is the USCIS. I forgot about that. But I have the money to send that off as soon as my home study is complete. Once I get the USCIS approval and fingerprints done, I can send off my dossier. I do not think there will be a lot of stuff I have to gather besides what I already have. I have started the online education material so that will be completed as soon as I can.

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