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Friday, March 2, 2012


I can now show some pictures of my beautiful little girl!!

This picture was taken from the youtube video at Brigita's facility. It is from December 2011. The quality is not that good, but it doesn't matter to me. Its her and its recent!

These are all from 2010. They were taken by another family that was able to visit with Brigita. They weren't able to adopt her... 

But they were able to share with me what she was like and these beautiful pictures. And they will get to see her again!


  Oh, how I love that

Still waiting for the home study to be completed. I was reminded (by my social worker) that I should have life insurance through my job. Not only do I have the basic, I apparently have two voluntary policies as well...who knew? Not me. I did this nearly ten years ago and haven't thought about it since. So now I'm just getting copies of the policy information and then the worker should be able to finish up the home study for review.


  1. That last photo!!! That smile and that twinkle in her beautiful eyes!!! Can't wait to see her in person!
    I keep thinking about it in my head. We all have such a great time!:) Hope it really happens!!

  2. How fantastic! I've never seen these pics -- she's got such sparkle in her eyes!

  3. I love the last photo, what a smile!!

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  4. Beautiful girl!!!! I've never seen that last pic either! I just can't wait till you meet her in real life!!!!! :) And till she's home!!!!!