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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Home Study Draft yet...

Obviously I am still waiting to get the draft of my home study. I turned over all the paperwork last Tuesday and had hoped it was completed by the weekend. I'm assuming the SW has to then send it to her supervisor/ director of the home study agency for final review. I want that draft so badly. Getting that finalized home study report is so important now. I can't send off my I800 until my home study is completed. I can't apply for grants or loans until the home study is completed. Its another sit and wait time...ugh. Its so hard to do anything and focus when you only have one thing on your mind. I want to meet my girl! I want to see her! I want to know how big (or little) she is. What she is like now. How she has changed when she was met 2 years ago by friends. Or how she is the same. Doesn't matter to me either way. I just want to go now.

On other news, Summer has started visiting with the family that she will most likely be placed with. They visited at my house this past Sunday. They are a great family and seem really nice. More importantly, they are her biological family. I am happy for her and I know this is right. I am sad that they couldn't have had this past 2 1/2 months with her that I have had. The plan before she was born was for them to get her from the hospital but the mother changed her mind. I hope people understand that children who are in foster care have parents that love them. Her mother cannot parent but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to and doesn't love. Summer's mother did nothing to be unable to parent. She just lacks the ability and that will not change. I am glad Summer will be able to know her mother. But I am going to miss her so much. I think we may have until the end of April or so together. Maybe not even that long. We will see. I love her so much. She is such a good baby and such a happy baby. And oh so pretty!! She has the most gorgeous smile.

Speaking of smiles, I am actually typing this on my off time before picking her up from daycare. So I will run to get her. I just thought I'd update about her situation. And my aching heart for Brigita. Oh, I got the Avon orders back from Brigita's fundraiser. We haven't gotten a grand total yet, but we had over $700 in sales and what looks like about $330 in adoption funds! What an excellent turn out! Off to get my Sunshine!

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  1. I'm in almost the exact same point in my process as you. We are just waiting for our FBI reports (which should come back next week) so the homestudy can be completed. Then i800A, and so on. I know how tough it is to wait and feel like progress is being made, but then not! We are adopting from Pleven. I also see you are a social worker; that is what I am studying for my bachelor's degree! Http://oursoninbulgaria.blogspot.com