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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nothing Much

Just thought I'd check in right quick. Summer left on Friday but I got to see her today. She is doing great!! She looked and felt bigger. She was happy. She, of course, knew me and my voice and was very interested in me but was not distressed or overly eager to get to me. Though I'll admit part of me wanted her to be aching to be with me, mostly I was happy to see she is transitioning well. She will come back on the 15th but then will leave for good on the 18th.

I dreamed about Brigita last night. I haven't had too many dreams about her since those first few weeks. During those first couple of weeks or so, when I was struggling with all the emotions associated with hearing God's words, falling madly in love with Brigita, and scared of everything this adoption journey and lifetime committment would entail, I dreamed about her a lot. But as time has gone by, I rarely dream about her. But when I do, I wake up so peaceful. The only thing I can remember about the dream is holding her. Maybe that's all I did in my dream. But I was happy and content and she was too. I hope that will be a reality soon (not just holding her but both of us being content since I know it will be an adjustment for us both). I spent some of the afternoon running around getting some things together for the dossier. Then I organized my notebook a little bit better. It feels good to be doing anything that will bring me closer to her. I ache for her all the time. I think about her all day every day. Its so hard to focus on anything but wanting to know more about her, wanting to see her, wanting to be closer to having her in my life. Now that Summer is gone, there's even more time to think and obsess about Brigita. I know things will work out. I have no doubt abou that. But waiting is so hard. Patience truly is a virtue.

Check out all the wonderful happenings with Pleven!! So many changes. Financial resources, medical intervention, "surprise" visits by the Minister of Health and Bulgarian Child Protection Agency, changes in the making, children being adopted (Adeye has an awesome announcement!)...God's presence is strong and not letting go of his children!!


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