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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to Walk

Let's get walking!!! I had an idea that I was going to start walking on my own but thought it would be so much more fun with someone else. Then I thought, let's make this a contest and fun opportunity to raise money for Brigita's adoption! So here it is....

Walking To Brigita

There are approximately 4644 miles from NC to the country where Brigita lives.
We will all work together to walk those miles to my little ladybug!
We'll track our miles weekly on the ticker above (see the sunrise/airplane/ladybug?)

Here's how it goes:

  1. Each participant registers by simply letting me know via email, comment (I won't post when I moderate), Facebook that you want to participate. I will send some forms to keep track of your miles as well sponsor/donation information for tax purposes.
  2. Participants can commit to a certain amount of miles or simply walk until we either reach our goal or time to stop to travel to Brigita!
  3. By registering, each participant is committing to at least $1/mile. They can either commit to this amount themself or enlist the help of sponsors. The hope is that each participant can get multiple sponsors to help raise more donations and put less financial committments on one person.
  4. Also, ask friends, coworkers, church members to join us in our walkathon. We can all get healthy today and raise funds at the same time.
  5. Participants will keep up with the miles they walk and we will get tallies weekly to track on the Walking To Brigita tracker at the top of the blog.
  6. Participants can stop at any time by simply submitting their forms, miles walked, and money raised  either directly to me, Reece's Rainbow (FSP or mail a check), or through the Chip-In. We must know what amount each donor/sponsor is contributing and contact information for tax purposes.
  7. When we have "reached" Brigita, we will collect and tally all the miles walked per person as well as the donations raised per person.
  8. There will be 2 winners: the person who walks the most miles and the person who raises the most donations! Each will win a $25 gift card to a restaurant (to be determined later)!
Its that simple!!

Now let's get walking!!

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