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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday-Kyle

This is my first time blogging with the folks of Teamwork Tuesday.
Every week, several people blog and share about the same child,
in hopes that his/her family will see them and/or
people will help assist his/her future family by donating.

So today we are presenting a beautiful blue-eyed boy!

Kyle, born November 2005

Boy, born November 2006
Eyes: Blue
Hair: brown
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Kyle is facing the institution.   He has striking blue eyes and bright blonde hair!  Kyle is medically healthy outside of his flat feet and strabismus.   Please give Kyle a chance to grow up in a loving family of his own!

Click Kyle to access his information on Reece's Rainbow, to make a donation, or find out more about RR and how you can adopt.

This little boy has so much potential! He just needs a chance!

Many donors have also tried to help Kyle find a family already.

Kyle has $3903.50 available towards his adoption!!

Please consider Kyle, either as your child or to donate and help him find his family. Share on your blogs, Facebook, email, etc.

His life is worth it!!

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