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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Family Found Me!

Last night my little girl was placed on the "My Family Found Me" page of Reece's Rainbow. I have checked RR at least twice daily for months now, so scared someone else would get my girl before I can. But no more!! She is mine (sort of). I wanted to post then but it didn't feel official until I got everything signed and mailed off. Today I read and signed the service agreement to About A Child and also sent the application, fee, and donation to Reece's Rainbow. It still doesn't feel official until both AAC and RR have her matched with me and I see the family name on the New Committments. But, I'm still so very excited. I'm not sure yet if I can share her nickname or not. I cannot share her real name or the country she is from. But I had thought mailing off so much money at one time and signing those documents would feel scary. But there was nothing but happiness and elation! She is so beautiful and so deserving. Right now I'm eager to get going with everything so I can hurry up and meet her. But I know from reading other people's blogs and their experiences that this is a hurry up and wait process with lots of financial unknowns. I have no idea where the money will come from. Half of the initial $3000 has been paid. The other half is due with another $2000 when my dossier is sent to her country. However, there will be fees for documents, notaries, and having everything apostilled (I'm sure I didn't spell that right) before I can even send the dossier. I'm not really sure what else is due from there.

Summer and I went to social services and had a meeting about the plan. She will not go to the parents but there are relatives that have to be assessed but will likely be able to have Summer. We got to visit with the relatives and Summer's mom. Summer is lucky to have family options that will allow her to have contact with her mom and sibling. Her mom loves her but cannot parent. I hate that I will have to say good bye to my little Summer but I'm glad for this family to be kept together. It was a very good visit.


  1. Dee, so very happy for you and sweet Miss You-Know-Who!!!! I still almost can't believe this is really happening! Fundraising should be a lot easier once your FSP is up and running, and people can see her beautiful face!!! Still praying for you and little sweetie, and will be throughout!!!!! :)

  2. OOPs I think I used her name a little early. But I am totally happy for you and her! Anyone who knows us know who this sweet girl is.