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Monday, June 10, 2013


I wanted to give a brief update on Darya b/c I have seen so many wonderful changes lately. She has been with me for 9 months now and in the US for nearly 9 months (by the end of the month). Although Darya is not as advanced as some children and does not always do as well as other children that are just coming home, I can say she is doing wonderfully and I am very proud of where she is now. She is still no where close to potty training but she is showing signs that she understands she can "make" the pee pee come on out when needed. We were having issues with her peeing on the floor after having already going in the potty some. One issue is most likely the constipation (still a work in progress). But the other issue seems to be not emptying her bladder. She is now trying to empty her bladder or will try again when told to. She signs and SAYS (yes, actually speaks) "aw gun" when she is "all done."

Darya is getting ready to start school in the fall and I have been very pleased with the help and direction things are going. I am excited about her class. It is k-2 only and there are 3-4 kids from preschool coming in so Darya won't be the only one starting new (though Darya is much lower functioning and has never had school or any kind). Also, Darya will be one of 4 kids with Down syndrome in her class. We met Friday for her IEP meeting. The goals are great and very much focused on the assessments from the school for the deaf. The EC dept. has already requested a one on one for her to help her with the behaviors, speech, feeding/potty time, etc. I'm very pleased with the direction. We are going to visit the school to help her get accustomed to the school without many people around and so the teacher and other staff can meet Darya. After we attend open house, we will meet again to decide on staggered start, half-days, or full days for Darya.

This weekend, Darya showed me some EMOTIONS! That may not seem like such a big deal but Darya generally reacts the same to things: getting loud, making more noises, and misbehaving. This weekend she seems to not feel good. I think it may be her ear but am not sure right now. Waiting for a doctor's appointment now. But, one thing I noticed was Darya was whining! Not grumping and making noises but actually whining. Almost crying. Though it is an annoying sound it is one I'm glad to hear. Her behavior has not really been any different. Just the typical toddlerish behaviors. But we have whining. The reason I think its her ear is b/c she's had lots of drainage and won't let me touch one ear at all. I can touch the other ear and clean it out, but not the left ear.

The 2nd emotion I got to observe was fear and timidness! My brave girl who loves water got into her pool with me yesterday. We've been in briefly before but it wasn't filled yet. Darya is able to stand in this pool and the water is only at her waist. Even at that low a level, she's just not too sure. She likes it but is scared. Instead of hitting herself and/or me, making noises, and overall freaking out, Darya just looked scared and hung on to me for dear life! And boy did she have a death hold on my neck. I had to be too careful not to move too fast or anything or she would grab tighter and her face would look so scared. But holding on to me, she would start to relax and play in the water a little bit (just with one hand, of course). She loves water but was a little apprehensive when I first got her in regards to bath time. Now baths are great so I know in no time the pool will be a hit. It was a good thing we got in the pool since I didn't know she had thrown my shoes over the deck. I was able to spy them on the ground while in the pool.

Also, Darya has gotten so big! I haven't measured her since Mother's day, but she seems so tall to me. When I got her, Darya was wearing a size 8 shoe. This weekend, we bought her size 10! 2 sizes in only 9 months! On a sad note, I realized my 2yo nephew's foot is the same size as my 8yo daughter's. But, whatever. And physically, Darya is doing great! Well, aside from that tummy. We are still working with tummy issues. We are trying apricots now and they do seem to be helping her go more. Now I need to figure out what is the right dose for her, etc.

Sorry no new pictures for now. I don't have the camera with me and am just typing a quick summary on my lunch break.

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