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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Happy Days

First, Brigita...
I finally received Brigita's official referral. I am very happy to say that those who are caring for her clearly CARE ABOUT her. Though the information still indicates a very low functioning child, there are terms of endearment, trying to help her with things, and wanting people to give her love. It makes me so happy. I'm awaiting confirmation that orphan court will be available the days I want to travel, but it looks like I should be flying out August 29th, arrive in her country on August 30th (b/c they are several hours ahead of us) and then meet my baby on August 31st!!!! I can hardly wait! I have already gotten most of what I and Brigita need for the trip. A dear friend, Liz, is going to travel with me. She is one of Brigita's "aunts."

Oh, I also got new pictures of Brigita!! She is so gorgeous and appears to be healthier overall. She looks as if she may have gained some weight, her hair is longer and shinier, and she just looks good. She was diagnosed with Celiac's disease back in August 2011. She also had several infections and illnesses from August through October (nothing major). I'm glad to see she has received medical attention. Again, her facility and country really does try to take care of their children.

Flapjack Fundraiser was today!
While we did not have the turnout I would have hoped for, we still did not do badly and had a fun time.

Several people were unable to attend but blessed us with donations. Our total profit/donations was $436.00.
Certainly nothing to complain about!

There are so many families traveling right now, dealing with serious illnesses and accidents, and fighting to overcome obstacles in their lives or with their adoption. One family is Jon and Yvonne. Their beautiful daughter is in very serious condition and needs constant prayer! Selah (along with Jon and their son Sam) were in drowing accident. Dear Selah is fighting for her life. But she has proven herself before. Selah is a miracle for certain. I pray that God knows we are not done seeing what this little girl is capable of. Please pray for her family as well. Also, Connor has been a sick little boy. But his charm and health are currently coming through. But please remember him in prayer. He's had a rough time of things. Also, there is another little boy known as Nikita that fell and seriously cracked his head. He is in a country that does not have good medical care. Although I last saw he was doing better and had opened his eyes and said he wanted to go home, I don't think he's even close to being out of the woods! Please remember Nikita and his family. His mother is reported to be a wonderful woman with a heart for orphans.

Now for victories! Sam has been freed from her small prison in Bulgaria! She has been in a really bad, awful place (but that has a director fighting for change, thank you Director for your efforts and hard work!). And Lyla is coming alive right before the eyes of her caregivers and family! She needs this family! She knows she belongs there! She looks like a different child.

There are many more families in need of prayer. Please check Reeces Rainbow and the traveling now families to see those who are in need of prayer as they meet their children, go before court, tansition to a new life with a bigger family. Check out New Committments and My Family Found Me page for those that are first getting started. And of course all the families in between!

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  1. So, so happy to hear that Brigita is doing better, and that her caregivers care about her!!!! I can't wait till you get to hold her in your arms, Dee. It's been a long road! Praying for you and Brigita constantly! :)