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Thursday, June 7, 2012



Today's post is about the beautiful little girl in the picture above.
To Reece's Rainbow, she has been known as Lynnette.

She was born in 2000.

She was the size of a 3yo.

She couldn't walk,
but would stand in her crib looking over the side all day.

She never learned to talk,
but would smile and laugh when someone gave her attention.

Yesterday was her last day in her "specialized institution"

Not because she was adopted.
Not because her family came back for her.

Yesterday, this 12 year old little girl breathed her last breath. 

She died an orphan,
never knowing the love of a mom, dad, and family,
possibly alone and scared,
maybe hopeless, tired, and defeated.

Her name was Tsveti.
Today we remember her not for the life she lived,
but for the existence she suffered.

In Loving Memory of Tsveti 2000-2012

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