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Thursday, February 2, 2012

More videos/less good news

I found a couple of more videos that were newscasts about the center Lady Bug B lives in. However, these were unfortunately not that good. The first video was from October 2011 and was following the story of one child that lived in the center who was very sick. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with this child other than that. But on a plus side, this child's mother was there!

The next video was from January 5, 2012. It showed footage that was shown in the October 2011 video, so I am assuming that child's sickness was somehow related and/or they were just connecting that medical needs are there. However, I did understand enough from this video that the center is having major problems with children with pneumonia and bronchitis. It said there have been 6 children with pneumonia and 4 with bronchitis. They kept showing the hospital, so I'm assuming they are sick enough to have required hospitalization.

Please be in prayer for all those that are sick and pray for healing and comfort, pray that the others will be strengthened to withstand the sickness, and add an extra special request that Lady Bug B is okay, strong, healthy, and well!! I know she was well in December 2011, thanks to that wonderful video. But I don't know how she is now, or how she will tomorrow or the next day. Only God knows this. But also, only God can protect her, keep her strong, and move mountains to bring her home.

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