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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday!

Today is Brigita's 7th birthday! I am so excited for her (well, us) because this will be her last birthday as an orphan! Next year we will be having cake, ice cream, balloons, and presents together with our family and friends. She will blow out her candles and open her very own gifts. Instead of wearing the community-shared orphan clothes, she will be wearing her very own clothes. She will begin and end her birthday with special kisses from her mommy.

But this adoption is not just about her. Next year on this day, I will have a daughter who is celebrating her birthday. I will get to plan, decorate, and host a birthday party for my little girl. I will get to buy presents and invite guests. I will get to have special kisses from my little girl. I will get to buy her clothes, fix her hair, help her heal and grow. Next year February 5th will likely mean more to me than it will to her. Since it will be her first birthday in a family and perhaps the first time it has ever been celebrated, she will likely not even understand what is going on. But I will. I'm so excited about what the rest of this year will bring for us. This adoption will be a new life for both of us. I cannot wait to have my daughter home with me and to start our life as a family. I can't wait to be her mommy!


  1. Dee, I am just speechless that this day has really come! I don't know how to thank you for rescuing this sweet, precious little girl!!!!! Everything you're describing is what we dreamed of for her on this day last year, and now it is really going to happen!!!!! Praying for you and Brigita on this special day!!!!!

  2. The thanks start with God first, then to you & all those who prayed for Brigita's family & believed in God that it would happen. Then again to God who orchestrated everything from that point to me. The thanks I get is for having the faith to trust in God that she is indeed my daughter. God has brought us all together. I feel truly blessed to have seen all His glory in how things have worked out, the wonderful people He has brought into one anothers lives, & the blessing of this beautiful, deserving child.