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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have finally (hopefully) gotten all my paperwork to my social worker to finish the home study. I've also been working on the dossier packet to get things going a little closer. I have finished all the educational requirements for Hague countries and even a couple of extra ones that looked interesting. I strongly recommend reading up on Sensory Integration/Processing Disorders. Its hard to believe that any child that comes out of an institutional setting would not have this, even just some of the institutions here. There is so much overload that can go on when you have been monitored and under-stimulated for any period of time. Think about winter when we are cooped up inside...cabin fever!!

If you won an item on the auction and haven't yet received it, please get in touch with me so I can check on it. Several of the items were from me and I discovered this weekend I hadn't shipped one item. I had put it in my purse since it was so small and completely forgot about it. Luckily I cleaned my purse out to go shopping Saturday. Speaking of shopping....I got my little ladybug the cutest backpack. I wish I could show a picture of it but it has her real name on it. I plan to keep her real name. I think its beautiful. Its a red, quilted bag with ladybugs. That's the theme I'm going for with her room and, well, Brigita in general. The very first picture of her with that big smile and red shirt always reminded me of the little cartoon ladybugs. Now I find ladybugs melt my heart just like she does. I also picked up a pair of ladybug pajamas from Walmart today for her. They weren't expensive and I decided if they don't fit her or if I am unable to bring her home, I will just donate them to someone else.

Summer is still with me and still very beautiful. Sorry I can't share how beautiful she is with everyone. She has a head full of hair and the prettiest smile. She is now 10 1/2 lbs and 21" long. She is the sweetest baby and so easy. I have truly been blessed, even though she is only a temporary foster child. I could not thank God enough for this opportunity to parent a newborn, especially one that is so agreeable. She is cooing and smiling a lot. She loves her Mama Dee!! I'm going to miss her so much but I know God is already preparing me to let her go. And I am glad she will be with her family. I'm sorry they have missed this time with her. I picked up a bumblebee photo album to keep her pictures in. She will have an album all to herself...my first baby!


  1. Dee, I am so amazed at God's provision for Brigita. He kept us waiting bc He knew you were the right person to be her Mama. :) She is the cutest little ladybug ever, and I just can't wait to see her come home!!!!!

  2. I just received the beautiful bracelet you made for the auction!! Thank you!! It is very pretty and I will think of you and Brigita each time I wear it :)